First WSSTVC Contest results now online
June 17, 2013
Results from the first-ever WSSTVC SSTV Contest - the 15-Meter SSTV Dash - are now available online. A total of 25 contestants submitted logs for the Contest, held in the first weekend of April 2013, in what turned out to be difficult conditions on the 15-meter band.
Results can be found in the Contest Results page .
Launch of balloon + SSTV-Payload at HAM-Radio exhibition
June 15, 2013
Launch of a high altitude balloon with SSTV-Payload at HAM-Radio in Friedrichshafen, Germany.
On 29th June 2013 at 10:00 UTC, during this year's HAM-Radio Fair in Friedrichshafen, a group of German and Polish amateurs will be launching a High Altitude Balloon with different payload-modules. One module will be a SSTV-system transmitting on 40m (7.056 MHz). All reports are welcome! - email to .
New SSTV Contest to be held in Spring and Fall
January 12, 2013
The WSSTVC is hosting a new SSTV Contest - the 15-Meter SSTV Dash, to be held twice yearly in the Spring and Fall.
Full details can be found at the Contest website
WSSTVC hosts SOTA Mapping Project
July 23, 2012
From today, WSSTVC is officially hosting the SOTA Mapping Project, intended for participants in the amateur radio Summits On The Air (SOTA) group. The application makes use of the Google Maps API to enable SOTA summits to be displayed in various ways.
Go to to find out more... Recognizes WSSTVC Members
May 3, 2012
WSSTVC membership now recognized by - when a member is logged in to, his or her WSSTVC membership number is featured in the "Online?" listing. Also, statistics of club activity is reflected in the page.
Special thanks to Laurie, VK3AMA for implementing these features.
Club Forum Improvement
April 30, 2012
Forum registration now working correctly, and registration email is correctly sent to user.
Members Area Planned
April 15, 2012
Work begins on a Member's Only Area for the website, which is planned to go live later in the year. Members will be able to log in and upload their SSTV QSOs to count toward future Club Diplomas and Awards. Watch this space!
Website Moves To New Hosting Company
April 11, 2012
The Club website was successfully moved to a new hosting company, which will enable us to offer our members and visitors a wider range of services than previously.
Membership Passes 100 Mark
February 22, 2012
Club membership achieves a significant milestone when we reached 100+ members today.