Here is a list of links providing information on the subject of slow-scan television (SSTV):

Basic Information

  • Image Communication on Short Waves - "a free ham radio handbook for SSTV, WEFAX and digital SSTV". This a fantastic resource from Martin OK2MNM, who is to be congratulated for producing a well-written, informative and very helpful manual on all aspects of amateur radio SSTV. The site features a downloadable PDF version of the Handbook. Check it out!
  • Wikipedia article on SSTV, with a lot of useful information
  • Amateur Radio Wiki article on SSTV, with a lot of "how-to's" and other information




  • MM-SSTV: Amateur Radio Slow Scan TV software by Makoto Mori, JE3HHT. Extensive choice of modes. FREE software
  • MixW: Software for digital modes from the same Ukrainian team that produce the RigExpert transceiver interfaces. Support for 18 SSTV modes (as of Version 2.2). Registration fee.
  • EasyPal: Digital SSTV software by Erik, VK4AES FREE software
  • Ham Radio Deluxe: Software for direct radio control, logbook, digital modes, including SSTV. Small choice of modes in Version 5, but more promised by the author. FREE software
  • KG-STV: New Digital SSTV program, using a different set of encoding algorithms from EasyPal. FREE software


  • microHAM: Top-quality range of interfaces and station/radio controllers from Slovakia
  • RigExpert: Highly-regarded range of interfaces and antenna analyzers from Ukraine
  • West Mountain Radio / RigBlaster: Manufacturers of the famous RigBlaster series of interfaces, also DC power and radio products
  • DigiMaster: DigiMaster combined USB CAT, Data Mode, and Audio interfaces
  • SignaLink: SignaLink USB Computer-Radio Interfaces

Live SSTV feeds, webcams

A lot of information online, but a great place to start is:
  • G0HWC's SSTV site - home of the SSTV and ATV WebRing. Tons of information and live feeds of SSTV images from around the world