Welcome to the World SSTV Club!

This club is dedicated to the worldwide amateur radio slow-scan television (SSTV) community. It will hopefully act as a focus for further interest in SSTV, both for those radio amateurs who regularly participate in SSTV transmissions, and for those who have not yet tried this very engaging mode.

We are proud of the international flavour of the club - "World SSTV Club" says it all really. The club is not associated with any particular region, continent or country and therefore we believe it truly reflects the international character of amateur radio.

Radio amateurs worldwide are invited to join the club and become part of the World SSTV community - membership is a privilege and an honour.

By including a reference to the Club and to your membership number (WSC #) in your transmissions and your web presence, you declare to your fellow hams that you are part of a growing community dedicated to spreading the good word about amateur radio Slow Scan Television.

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Club Milestones

  • Saturday June 18, 2011:  The World SSTV Club was founded.
  • Saturday January 11, 2013:  The Club announces a new SSTV contest - see contests.wsstvc.org for details.
  • Latest member: No.1083 ZS1ALJ on May 02, 2017.
  • Total members: 1083 members in 72 countries.