FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


I can't access the Forum any more - what happened to it?

The Club Forum was used for a short while, and then fell into disuse. Meanwhile, it suffered repeated spamming attacks which required frequent interventions by the Forum admin to clear out the many hundreds or thousands of "membership activation" requests, almost none of which were genuine.

Eventually, the decision was made to deactivate the Forum, and there are currently no plans to reactivate it.

I'm a short-wave listener (SWL) and I'd like to join the Club

We certainly welcome SWLs into the club, provided that they

  • actually listen regularly to short-wave amateur radio, and
  • are properly registered, either with a national licensing authority, or with an international SWL organization.

Users of internet-based communication nets or services - like the Hamsphere "Virtual Ham Radio" system for instance - should be aware that such systems bear no relation to "real" radio communication systems, nor with the challenges posed by atmospheric propagation, antennas, feed-lines, QRN, QRM, QSB, etc., and therefore are seen by many as a complete "dumbing-down" of amateur radio. We would respectively suggest that such users look elsewhere for a SSTV Club to join.

Many national (radio-) licensing authorities offer SWLs the chance to register for a SWL "callsign" or identification number which can be used by the SWL when, for instance, sending QSL cards to stations he/she may have heard on air.

It can happen, however, that your particular licensing authority - for instance the American ARRL - does not issue SWL callsigns. In such a case, one should consider applying to an international SWL registry - you might try one of the following:

  • SWARL / Shortwave Amateur Listening   -   SWARL started issuing SWL callsigns in 2002 and now have many thousands of members from countries around the world.
  • Pop'Comm Monitoring Station Program   -   Pop'Comm (Popular Communications magazine, Canada) started issuing SWL callsigns in 2012 and already have over one thousand members from many countries.

To date, the Club has  52  SWL members registered.